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What sizes should I measure?

We only work off EXTERNAL “Kerb” sizes, so please make sure you measure to the external face of the timber.

Are the roof pitches for the Roof Lantern fixed?

 Yes, they are fixed at a 20° angle all round. This is also the angle for structural integrity preventing any snow loading and giving good water run-off. This angle also gives the best aesthetics for this design of product giving the feel of improved volume from the inside.

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms are strictly pro forma using Visa Debit,Visa Credit, Maestro or MasterCard online via WorldPay.

What is the largest size skylight that you can supply me?

 Currently the maximum size we can manufacture using the product is 3000mm x 6000mm.

How fast can I get delivery?

 Bespoke products are usually delivered within 10-14 working days to site.